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GAL (Local Action Group) is a public-private partnership of legal subjects of the Vallecamonica's (Bs) and Val di Scalve's (Bg) territories. It is aimed at coordinating, implementing and managing actions provided for the Local Development Plan (LDP). GAL actions aim to support the socio-economic and rural development of the territory and, by cherishing local culture and traditions, it aims at the protection and preservation of the environment and biodiversity.

Gal is recipient of a Leader's grant (Feasr funds - Psr 2007-2013 - Axis IV) of about € 4.2 million (on 2012, reformulated to € 3.7 million) for implementing projects and activities provided for the LDP. GAL has the responsibility of the planning and implementation of actions, or of their individual parts, as well as for the management of grants.

GAL's territory is made up by those of Vallecamonica's and Val di Scalve's Mountain Communities, has a population of 101,500 inhabitants and is 1,412 square kilometers wide. 880 out of 1,412 sq km consist in cultivated lands.
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GAL's members

GAL's social structure is made up by institutions and public and private entities operating in the Vallecamonica's and Valle di Scalve's territories, namely public authorities at different levels of government (Provinces, Municipalities and Mountain Communities), exponents of economic world and of local operators, associations, consortia, companies and corporations, managing authorities of protected areas, forestry associations and environmental groups, exponents of lending institutions and local finance, exponents of the world of research and training, and the third sector, socio-cultural and voluntary associations.
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Board of directors

President: (exponent of public partnership): Walter Sala
Councilors: Tiziano Bianchi (Cooperative Rosa Camuna), Mirko Cominini (Cassa Padana), Giancarlo Panteghini (CISSVA), Gianluigi Do.

Public promoters: Mountain Communities of Vallecamonica and of Val di Scalve.
Coordinator: Alessandro Putelli (menaging director of the Agriculture service of the Mountain Community).
Auditor: Riccardo Ghetti.
Technical Committee: Alessandro Putelli, Sergio Bonomelli, Riccardo Mariotti and Giada Bettoni.
Leader instructed by the promoters: Secas Public company.


GAL is located in Paspardo, 13 Padre Marcolini square
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