The territories of Valle Camonica and Val di Scalve have been promoted in the latest years also by the opening of new itineraries, which brought about the rediscovery of ancient inspiration in a logic of sustainable tourism with low environmental impact.

Being able to enhance this heritage, where nature and culture meet everywhere, is an important responsibility for the territory and for the local institutions which, suggesting these itineraries, aim at promoting a widespread interest, tourism and local development.

The idea was to create a "territorial brand”: Valle Camonica the Valley of Landmarks, together with a project of communication and a coordinated system of signs, to make of Valle Camonica a recognizable and organized destination for tourists, enabling it to enhance and spread the knowledge of its own cultural, natural and wine-and-food heritage.

Valle Camonica for example can be crossed on foot, through the historic Valeriana Road, a route of likely Roman foundation of about 130 km, which starting from Fantecolo, in nearby Franciacorta, arrives to Aprica and Tonale.

Another interesting itinerary is the one conceived around the legendary route of the Charlemagne army, who conquered all the Camunian land and founded numerous churches and Christian cult sites, and which can offer the visitor an authentic immersion into all the natural and cultural resources of this Valley.

The high tourist attraction potential of this territory in the historical, artistic and naturalistic fields is further favoured by the presence of thematic itineraries linked to gourmet cuisine which let you taste the products and grasp more of the beauty of a territory still pristine and rich with bio-diversity.

An important case is certainly the Itinerary of the Chestnut which, starting from the town of Capo di Ponte and treading the old mule tracks crossing the century-old chestnut groves and fascinating areas rich with engraved rocks,  goes all the way to the town of Paspardo to bring back the visitor to Capo di Ponte going through the charming towns of Cimbergo and Nadro di Ceto.

Valle Camonica can also be crossed by bicycle, on the Cycle Track of the Oglio River, a ped-cycle track along the course of the stream, where some important improvement work is taking place now, both for the landscape and for the water morphology. This route does not present any big differences of level, it is suitable for families and it affords the discovery, with a measured pace, of an exceptional and versatile territory, in terms of culture, nature and gourmet cuisine.

At the same time Valle di Scalve, a territory that can be enjoyed all year long especially by those who love sports, can be visited and discovered through its characteristic Alpine paths and the fascinating cable routes equipped along the rock faces.

This territory, unfolding at a relatively high elevation, offers not only important naturalistic-environmental resources, but also two important ski areas: Colere and Schilpario, the latter mostly known for its tradition of Cross-Country Skiing.

It is however beyond doubt that Valle di Scalve owes its beauty to the wonderful natural and forest property which, combined with its ancient mineral tradition, clearly affected the history, the culture and the economy, leaving important evidence of industrial archaeology linked to the quarrying of metals, and makes for a charming and enchanting environment.