Going through the territories of Valle Camonica and Val di Scalve means to discover the values and the historic-cultural traditions tied to mountain agriculture, in fact there are important agricultural excellences that go along with the variety of typical agricultural food products – from the wine to the extra virgin oil, from the cow and goat cheeses to the cold cuts, from the honey to the chestnuts, from the cereals to the potatoes, from fruit growing to fish breeding – which gave life to the brand of the area Flavours of Valle Camonica.

Flavours of Valle Camonica is in fact the brand of the area which distinguishes all the agricultural food productions of the territory, warranting that all the productive line, from the raw matter to the final product, occurs in the Valley according to traditional methods.

The traditional agricultural and food products are numerous and distributed all over the territory: from the wine to the olive oil produced in the valley bottom, to the mountain pasture cheeses in the highest shepherds' huts located at over 2,000 metres elevation.

In this broad and diversified territory, both in the still unblemished villages and in the open country, many independent farmers have created tourist farmhouses ready to offer country hospitality and genuine products which make up the basis of the local cuisine, offering the visitors a holiday marked by flavour and relax and guiding them in a really unforgettable itinerary of flavours and scents.

The wine-and-food itineraries promoted by the Valle Camonica Val di Scalve Gal are enjoyable also by car, along ordinary roads but, if trodden on foot or on a bicycle, they allow you to taste at best the beauties and the partial views of the territory taking you beyond the main routes and the best known areas contributing to the enhancement of the particular aspects of the territory not only at an environmental level but also in terms of farm food and in the historical-cultural and religious fields.