Coming to Valle Camonica means being fully surrounded by nature and sport, for the presence of a various landscape which makes for hikes and walks in the open air, thanks to the wonderful natural environments included in the Nature Network of Valle Camonica, almost 60% of the valley's territory, dominated in importance and size by the Adamello and Stelvio Parks, lands inhabited by a rich and diversified fauna and by a spontaneous plant life growing thanks to the combination of the cold of the glaciers and the warm climate of Lake Iseo.

The magnificent and lofty mountains of Valle Camonica are the ideal refuge for those who want to enrich their holiday with pleasant walks, demanding hikes at very high elevation or for those who simply want to enjoy a truly pristine nature with the abundance of animals and plants of the Valley.

The possible hiking routes, well marked and kept, are numerous and of varied difficulty, apt both for experts and families. For the fittest and most adventurous, the best known are the path N. 1, “High Trek of Mt. Adamello” and the “Path of Flowers”.

The former is a tour, in the minimum time of a week, of almost 70 km, from Breno to the North face of Mt. Adamello; the latter instead, climbing to about 3000 m, follows an ancient route used by the alpini during the White War, running along steep slopes, foot bridges on sheer chasms and cliffs, but paying the visitor back with spectacular views on the entire Valle Camonica.

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