GAL's LDP (Local Development Plan) provides actions aimed at the integration and interconnection of agriculture and tourism in a rural and mountain environment, where areas of natural, cultural, eco-museum importance coexist.

Goal of the project is to support the development of Vallecamonica's and Val di Scalve's territories by means of implementation of an integrated program and by means of specific actions. Local agro-forestry-pastoral development will be combined with that of rural and mountain tourism and of environmental and energy systems.

All LDP actions point at supporting the socio-economic resources deriving from integration of mountain agriculture, tourism and development of the territory, as well as at developing the main "filiere corte montane". All this, to improve local people's quality of life and diversify economic activities, maintaining - it is important - continuity with similar actions of negotiated planning and with previous integrated projects concerning the territory.

LDP is based on three cornerstones:
  • integration, complementarity and continuation of preexisting programs;
  • reinforcing and strengthening local partnership;
  • negotiated planning, that is development implemented by starting from needs and proposals of the territory.

LDP launched thirteen measures by two different ways: calls (for private legal subjects) and conventions (for the public ones).

Axes of funding were: Competitiveness, Environment and landscape, and Quality of life and diversification.


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